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New Cycling Safety Package announced
Hyuna Yeom  |  edit@hojudonga.com
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승인 2015.12.24  17:52:21
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 네이버 구글 msn
A new cycling package to improve safety for all road users in NSW was announced on Monday.
Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said the package was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and government bodies.
“I received recommendations on these issues - and the changes we’re making are about striking a balance for everyone on the roads and footpaths,” Mr Gay said.
Mr Gay also added that initiatives in the new package including cycling safety for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians start in March 2016.
“Even with all of these changes in place which reflect recent changes in other states, I maintain that all road users need to exercise respect when using the road - cyclists, motorists and pedestrians,” Mr Gay said.
Specifically, initiatives will introduce a new rule requiring drivers to leave a minimum distance when passing bicycle riders - at least one metre when travelling up to 60km/h and at least 1.5 metres when travelling faster than 60km/h, which will attract a penalty of $319 and two demerit points. A new safety advisory recommendation for bicycle riders to provide a minimum distance of one metre when passing pedestrians on a shared path, where practical will be also introduced. 
Moreover, according to initiatives in the new package, increasing penalties will improve safety on the roads for bicycle riders who are: Not a wearing helmet (from $71 to $319); Running a red light (from $71 to $425); Riding dangerously (from $71 to $425); Holding onto a moving vehicle (from $71 to $319); Not stopping at children’s/pedestrian crossing ($71 to $425). Adult riders will compulsorily carry photo ID so that they can be identified in an emergency or if they break the road rules.
To educate road users about these changes, a new road safety campaign - ‘Go Together’ - has been developed.
The road safety initiatives promoted in ‘Go Together’ were developed in consultation with NSW Police, cycling groups, the Motor Accidents Insurance Regulator, NRMA Motoring and Services and the Pedestrian Council of Australia.
More information is available at gotogether.transport.nsw.gov.au
Hyuna Yeom / edit@hojudonga.com
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