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Operation Arrive Alive now launched
Eunji Cho  |  edit@hojudonga.com
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승인 2015.12.24  17:52:21
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 네이버 구글 msn
▲ [photo] dailytelegraph.com.au
The NSW Government launched the longest Police holiday high visibility enforcement operation last week. 
The Operation Arrive Live, which began on Friday 18 December, will operate until 28 January 2016, with the highest numbers of police on the roads these periods to help downgrade the already inflated NSW road toll.
More than 400 vehicles and 1300 highway patrol officers will be out on the roads during this operation. 
“In summer, when the sun is shining; parties typically get more festive, music gets louder and sometimes drivers take risks they shouldn’t,” Mr Gay said. 
“I want to urge all road users to be vigilant this summer and remember that road safety is not seasonal - speeding, drink driving and using your mobile phone while driving can have tragic consequences and put innocent road users at risk all year round,” he added.
Also, according to Deputy Premier and Minister for Police Troy Grant and Minister for Roads Duncan Gay, double demerits will apply from Thursday 24 December to Sunday 3 January 2016, and from Friday 22 January to Tuesday 26 January next year.
Moreover, new drug driving campaign and stricter mobile phone penalties were announced earlier this month.
“As summer parties get into full swing, we need people to remember there’s no place for silly behaviour on our roads. We need everyone to play their part, when you put your car into gear put your brain into gear, stay off mobile phones, stick to the speed limit, avoid driving tired and obey the road rules,” Deputy Premier Grant said.
 “Just last month we announced that we’re including mobile phone on the list of high-risk offences included in double demerit fines. During the Christmas double demerits period, you’ll lose six points for a single mobile phone offence. The penalties will then get tougher in the New Year, and from the Australia Day break, you’ll incur eight points," he added.
Eunji Cho / edit@hojudonga.com
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